Beginner BIG NOTE piano music!

Here are some of your favorite Christmas carols you can play even if you are just learning to play the piano.

Here is a SAMPLE of the music you will be able to print and play!
Here’s how to get ready to play our Beginner Big Note Piano Music:

Look at the picture of the two hands. You will see that the fingers of the left hand are numbered in red. The fingers of the right hand are numbered in green.

Look at the picture of the keyboard that is found on the page with each individual song. You will see that there are red and green numbers on the keys of the keyboard too.

Place the fingers of each of your hands on the keyboard matching the numbers on each hand with same numbers on the keyboard.

You are ready to PLAY!

Each of the songs will have a picutre of the hands and keyboard to show you where to place your hands to start the song.

Have fun!
Choose a song to play from this list!
For a word about printing our music.