Scrap of holiday design fabric
5/8” sew on Velcro tape(both hook and loop kinds)
Sewing Machine


1. Cut 2 pieces from fabric to the size of 3x5 inches. Place right sides of fabric together.

2. You will sew around the edges of the fabric 1/4” from the edge but will leave part of the edges open to attach the velcro tape to in a later step. Leave one of the short sides of the rectangle open. Begin sewing about 1” from the end of the long side of the rectangle. Sew around the rectangle stopping about 1” from the end of the other long side of the rectangle. (One of the short sides will still be open).

3. Turn the fabric so that the right side is out. Your may have to use sissors or a pencil to push into the corners to make them square.

4. Cut a strip of both the hook and the loop kinds of Velcro tape to about 2 1/2” long.

5. On one of the open sides, fold the remaining raw edges of the rectangle in at about 1/4” to form finished edges and place a strip of Velcro tape on top on the inside of the pillow. Sew all around the Velcro tape to secure the finished edges.

6. Repeat step 5. for the other open side of the rectangle.

7. Fill the pillow with veterinarian approved catnip, and close the Velcro fasteners. You and your cat are now ready for some Christmas Cat fun! Be sure to supervise your cat’s play with the catnip pillow.