Music and Christmas! How well the two go together. Mankind has been celebrating the great moments of its existence with music since the very beginning. The history of music as a means of expressing the deepest of emotions is rich and varied. Christmas music in particular has a colorful and fascinating past. One thing for certain, we still enjoy the celebration of Christmas with the songs we sing and the instruments we play. What better way to express our love than with this gift of personal creation.

Although music at Christmas has been around a long time it certainly has gone through many changes. In the beginning it was primarily limited to song and any form of singing which was rather tightly controlled by the church. Secular Christmas music is a relatively recent development, and as the celebration of the birth of Christ moved into the home people have found many ways to get together as a family or with loved ones to sing and play their musical praises.

Unfortunately we are seeing less and less of this family and group activity. As our culture becomes more modernized we have less and less opportunity to do anything as a family let alone performing or singing Christmas music at Christmas. There was a time, not that long ago, where the piano was the equivalent of today’s television. Many members of the family knew how to play (it was considered proper upbringing for the young ladies of a household to be capable on the piano), and there was often a brother, sister or cousin who could play the violin, cello, flute, clarinet or trumpet. This was prime entertainment, and at Christmas time it became not only a way for the family to be together and create something beautiful and caring but to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We certainly would like to see more of this sort of activity in today’s busy world. With this in mind we have created this first in what we hope to be a series of musical arrangements for this holiday. The intent of this endeavor is to have available to you an arrangement of a popular Christmas carol that can be performed and enjoyed in a variety of ways. You may simply play the piano part and have the family sing along. If your singers can read music there is a choir part available as well. If anyone in the family or in your church group can play an instrument we have provided two instrument parts. One is in “C” for flute, or oboe or violin (or any other C instrument) and the other part is in “Bb” for clarinet, trumpet (or any other Bb instrument.) If you would like parts transposed for viola or another C instrument please let us know and we will work one up for you. We have also provided a full score.

This arrangement is very versatile and can be played with a variety of mixed instruments, or no instruments at all! Take it to your church or wherever you can find happy musicians willing to play and sing with you! Let’s start to get together more this season and sing and play as a family or a group of loving friends. There is nothing better for the soul!

arranged by Ron Goldstein

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choir page 1
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piano page 3
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C part page 1
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Bb part page 1
Bb part page 2

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